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2010-06-07 15:31:39 by SmoofPros

You Can See Me?! Audio From WKUK! Check it out, my homedawgzzz!

Yeah, I'm finally making a NEW video. I can't say much, except that it is a parody of cliche Superhero franchises. And there just might be a few guest stars...!

Upcoming Flashes

2009-07-07 17:50:23 by SmoofPros

Here are all of my current Flash projects. I work on more than one at a time because, if I were doing only one, I'd get bored of that, and create one that I'd never ever post on the internet, and get bored of that one, and the cycle continues. So, if I work on three at a time that I WILL post, then, I will stay occupied. So, anyway, look out for these Animations:

Animated Version of Dom Encounters Swine Flu (Audio by DomFera) 10%

Currently Being Animated

Walkie- Talkie (Re-animation) 25%

Script Completed
Audio Recorded
Currently being Animated

Transformers 2 Trailer Parody (Re-animation) 7%

Script Completed

Here's a picture of Walkie-Talkie

Upcoming Flashes

Transformers: Rise (or revenge??) of the Fallen

2009-06-12 20:36:35 by SmoofPros


Transformers 2 Parody!!

It will probably be released a week after opening weekend.


Me.............. Announcer
TomaMoto............. Bumblebee
DrClay................ Sam

Upcoming Video

2009-06-06 23:13:46 by SmoofPros

It's called"My Job." It's only 00:56 seconds long, but it'll be a good one. I need someone to voice an easter egg. If anyone is up to it, comment here. I shall leave you with this screenshot.
I am 36% through.

Upcoming Video


2009-05-12 21:46:41 by SmoofPros

My third laptop charger broke!!! I bought a fourth one and have no idea when it will be delivered... but for a bit I will be deprived of my Flashing!!! Gross. Not in that way perv.

Walkie- Talkies are phun!

2009-05-02 13:09:10 by SmoofPros

There is a video coming soon... it is the Pilot for the Smoof Flash series called Walkie- Talkie.

It will be about Nathan annoying Jordan, Brad, and especially Wil by playing with a broken Walkie- Talkie.

You may or may not like it, but don't criticize the animation when it is out for two reasons.
-This is the Pilot.
- I don't have a tablet yet. Although I will purchase one ASAP.

The writing was done in a few minutes at midnight at Wil's birthday party and recorded the next morning. We were all hyoed up on ice cream until that morning. That's why we'll sound so tired when it comes out.

Enjoy this snapshot of the not quite final product.

Walkie- Talkies are phun!